What Have You Been Doing for Three Years?

Featuring: Zsolt Csepei, Levente Imecs-Magdó, Bence Molnár, Margit Molnár, Maja Sebők, Emese Simó, Nándor Vetési (former cast: Tekla Ravasz and Andrej Visky)
Set Designer: Zsófia Gábor
Costume Designers: Andrea Kürti and Réka Máthé
Text: Johanna Bertóti
Music: Johanna Bertóti, József Iszlai, Balázs Sándor and Krisztina Sipos
Trailer: József Iszlai
Subtitles: Johanna Bertóti
Lights and Sound: Tamás Imecs
Visual and PR: Júlia Anna Makkai

First run: November 28, 2011, at Tranzit House
Duration: 2 hours with one pause

The Students in Kolozsvár
Are fast in learning the names of pubs
Monthly receive a pack from home,
The mould takes over the content of a forgotten jar (sent from home)
Pays half the price of travel fees
and manage to spent the two weeks’ pocket money in one day
It is very likely that – if this be the case – they will resort to bribing the conductor
Don’t always sleep at home….sometimes they sleep others they don’t
Are longing for a hot meal.

The play aims to describe the daily problems of the students living in Kolozsvár from their first days of accommodation through their struggle with the bureaucratic nets of society to the academic achievements. Despite what the title might suggest the play encompasses more than three years presenting their job seeking process that in many cases turns out to be utterly hopeless as this is the factor that inevitably triggers the infamous exodus of the youth. Even if it mirrors the prevailing image of the student it also speaks to those who wish to become students, to those who have graduated and last but not least it addresses the parents as well.

The play succeeds to develop different situations some of them are realistic some totally utopistic, thus it is mainly dominated by the vivid alternation of the absurd and realistic scenes. The main starting points are almost all the time the well-known elements that make up the life of a student: the pub, the house party, the secretary’s office, cheating at exams, unwanted pregnancy, hunger etc. What Have Your Been Doing for Three Years tackles these issues by shedding a theatrical light on the realities and does this by using the adequate language and music; its aim is, on one hand, to entertain and, on the other hand, to raise the awareness in order for the society to recognize these real problems that students are struggling with day by day.

Festival Participations:
March 27, 2014: Art Days from Cluj-Napoca – Sopron (Hungary)
September 27 – October 13, 2013: TiMAF – Cluj-Napoca
November 17, 2012: Inter-ethnic Theater Festival – Oradea
October 26, 2012: Drama Today (dráMA) Theater Meeting – Odorheiu Secuiesc

Photos by Bethlendi Tamás: 1-10; Demes Hanna: 11-13; Kővágó Nagy Imre: 14-19.