Directed by: Ferenc Sinkó
Production assistant: Sipos Krisztina
Set and costume designer: Gábor Zsófi
Music by: Iszlai József
Lights and sounds: Sipos Júlia
Technical advisor: Almási Attila
With: Csepei Zsolt, Imecs-Magdó Levente, Sebők Maja, Udvari-Kardos Tímea

unanticipated unforeseen unpredictable
unexpected uncertain unforseeable
undreamt-for unlooked-for uncalculated
unplanned unimagined uncontrolled
unnamed unnoticed undisclosed
unclear undecided undetermined
unstable undependable unsuppressed
unknowable unchecked unsure unpublished
ungoverned uninhibited unsteady unmeditated
uncontrollable unrestrained unconvinced
unprompted undesigned unsettled
unidentified unsigned unspecified
undubbed unmarked unrevealed
undiscovered uneasy unobserved
unproven unnerved unseen
unbowed unbent unbroken

Choose one. These are the possibilities.

If an image describes something too clearly, everyone will easily recognize it. But the opposite is also true: if the image is too abstract, or is very distant from anything, then no one will recognize it. Therefore, the best, if possible, is to create a picture that is not very obvious, but not too abstract. The task is – we admit – difficult, but after a few laps everyone can get into it. – Guide to an unpredictable board game.

Premiere date: 29 September 2017, 8 pm
Premiere venue: ZUG.zone, Traian 40-42

Project co-founded by AFCN, EMMI and NKA.

Warning! The show uses strong lights and loud music! It’s not recommended for small children, pregnant mothers, epileptics or people with pace-maker!

Photos by Bethlendi Tamás and Váczi Roland.