Tuesday – choirtemporary show

What we can know for sure it’s the cast:
Zsolt Csepei
Endre Rácz
Maja Sebők

After a long time of silence we can hear The Choir:
Lajos Zsolt Barabás/Levente Imecs-Magdó
András Demeter-Vincze
Tekla Demeter-Vincze
Kinga Ötvös

The text was written, based on improvisation, by: Csepei Zsolt and The Team

Director: Krisztina Sipos
Production assistants: Júlia Sipos és Zsuzsanna Vass
Set and costume designer: Anna Kupás
Sound: József Halmen
Promo: Nóra Csoma

First run: January 16, 2016, at ZUG (str. Traian 40-42, Cluj-Napoca)

“Uncle Barabas holds a speech
The secret gets found out
Sibling gives birth to father

On Tuesdays everything repeats itself. Stories of fiction, in which the illusion gets unmasked. There is a family trauma behind everything? A premeditated crime? An interrogation or a confession? And what’s up with Barabas? We can not know, we can only trust our imagination.
When you have too much to talk about, suddenly you don’t have anything to talk about. “

For best young theater creator, by Játéktér review – Sipos Krisztina, director

Participation at festivals:
May 21, 2017: FEST-FDR 2017, National Theatre, Sala 2 – Timișoara
May 13, 2017: Cluj Week, Theatre of Bethlen Téri– Budapest

Special thanks to Endre-Edvin Rácz, Katalin Deák, Nicolas Friess

The play was founded by the City Council of Cluj-Napoca and the Communitas Foundation – UDMR.

Photos by Bede Kincső, Bethlendi Tamás.