The Pea Test

By: Hans Christian Andersen
Adaptation by: Johanna Bertóti and László Rumi
Directed by: László Rumi
Puppets: Andrea Kürti
Composer: Johanna Bertóti
Featuring: Zsolt Csepei, Maya Sebők/ Emőke Pál, Levente Imecs-Magdó (in former distribution Nándor Vetési)
Music: Johanna Bertóti, Krisztina Sipos

First run: March 21, 2014, at Reményik Sándor Gallery
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: Hungarian

”The proud news will now reach the world
That our fair prince is searching for his pearl
The maidens who wish to compete
Will have a place here to rest their head and feet,
And the One who will be selected
Shell never leave the gate through which she’s entered
(without a crown)!”

This is the message of the royal couple by which they challenge the young maidens from all the neighboring kingdoms to come and try their luck. The prince is rather blasé about the whole fuss until one day when his attitude would suddenly change.
Who are the lasses that will come to compete for the prince’s hand? Will there be one exceptionally brave that would succeed to go through all tests? What will happen on that decisive day? And what is the pea test? All these exciting questions will be answered at the puppet show performed by the Waiting Room Project, a play inspired by Andersen’s tale The Princess and the Pea . The puppet masters will welcome all children, parents and all fairytale enthusiasts.

Festival participations:
August 21, 2016: Hungarian Cultural Days in Cluj, 7th edition – Cluj-Napoca
July 2, 2016: Double Rise, Rimetea
August 31, 2014: Zilele Castelului din Bonțida – Bonțida
January 31, 2015: Carnival – Stana
July 12, 2014: Week of the Winged Dragon – Nyírbátor (Hungary)

Photos by Csoma Nóra: 1-6; Robert Puțeanu: 7-10.