The Cat that Walked by Himself

Written by: Bertóti Johanna after Rudyard Kipling
Directed and played by: Bertóti Johanna, Molnár Bence, Udvari Tímea
Set and puppets: Gál Orsolya, with Andrei Durloi and Marina Melenti

First run: June the 30th 2015, at ZUG (Traian street no.40-42)
Duration: 40 minutes

Altough we can’t know for certain what happened in the prehistoric era, Rudyard Kipling tells a story about that world. The story of The Cat that Walked by Himself speaks about how man domesticated the animals and what deal did he make with the cat.
“I am the cat who’s strolling alone, and for me every place is the same.” This sentence becomes like a refrain in the story, told by the cat over and over again. Even when it’s already living in the man’s cave, by the warm fire, drinking fresh milk every day (three times).
The actors use masks, puppets and games to tell Kipling’s story in the most interesting way.
The play is recommended for children over 7 years.

Photos by Robert Puțeanu.