Romania 100

Written and directed by: Lovassy Cseh Tamás /elcsété/
Set and costumes: Gábor Zsófi
Dramaturgy: Kovács Emese
Translation: Bertóti Johanna
Music: Ballai Álmos (guitar), Jakab Ádám (bass), Jenei Deborah (vocal), Sárosi Áron (violin);
Light and sound: Sipos Júlia
Staff: Rácz Endre, Imecs Tamás, Rend Orsolya

KIRÁLY GERGŐ, school manager – MOSTIS Gergő
KIRÁLY ESZTER, ceramic artist – SEBŐK Maja
KIRÁLY BALÁZS, their son – SÁROSI Áron
KIRÁLY EVELIN, their girl – JENEI Deborah
NAGY BIANKA, anchorman – PÁL Emőke

Premiere date and venue: 29 January 2019, (Traian 40-42, Cluj-Napoca)


A deceptive title. As if the performance spoke about the last hundred years of Romania. Yet the past hundred years are just an excuse to think about where our communities have progressed in this historical time, and what future we can expect in the next 100 years. An excuse to talk about the individual who makes up the community. Is the land livable, on which we were born? Can there be peaceful coexistence? Is it possible and worthwhile to work for the community, while our identities dissolve in a more noble cause? Community or individual? Nation or family? To go or to stay? Politics or manipulation? To face it or to deny it?

The stories of community and individual responsibility are intertwined as we accompany two families – and not only – along the path of public scandal, personal crisis and the tragedy of not understanding each other. Adults and children, Romanians and Hungarians, men and women, civilians and politicians are living in this fictional, but very familiar landscape, while for some of them, it is becoming increasingly clear: the native land has become unlivable. In the memories, a field of daffodil which has been seen before keeps reoccurring.

A show sponsored by AFCN .

Festival participations

September 21, 2019.: dráMa Festival, Tomcsa Sándor Theater – Odorheiu Secuiesc
May 5, 2019.: Holnapután Festival, Szigligeti Studio – Oradea

Photos by Bethlendi Tamás.