Flightrisk freckles

By: Ervin Lázár
Adaptation by: András Hatházi
Puppet and set designer: Andrea Kürti
Featuring: Zsolt Csepei and Margit Molnár
Music: Ferenc Orbán és Levente Imecs-Magdó
Special thanks: László Rumi
Sound: Tamás Imecs (earlier Othniel Visky, Levente Imecs-Magdó)
Thanks to: Kata Palocsay Kisó, Emőke Lukács, Elemér Kádár, Eszter Magdó, Szilárd Bálint, Katalin Varga, Andrej Visky …

First run: May 15, 2011, at the Paintbrush Factory
Duration: 50 minutes
Language: Hungarian

You have already tried everything
But nothend seems to have worked
The only sure thing
Against the odiouse dots that cover your face
Is to take a deep breath every night before going to bed
llook into the mirror and ….
Tell your mind
Direclty, do not beat around the bush
With no trace of mercy
From today I have finished with you
Ugly, hideouse, insufferable lot
in a nutshell: I can no longer bear our life together.
Let them be aware:
You cannot stand you
I would not wish you to my worst enemy
There you are
And now, you wait…

Festival Participations:
July 19, 2013: Peninsula Festival – Cluj-Napoca
October 5, 2011: 3. Cimborák Transilvanian Puppeteer Meeting, 3rd edition – Sfântu Gheorghe

Photos by Imecs Zoltán: 11-21; Bertóti Johanna: 22-29.