Directed by: Sipos Krisztina
Assitants: Gábor Zsófia and Vass Zsuzsanna
Designed by: Gábor Zsófia
Music by: bodoki-halmen zsolt / Emil Gherasim
With: Csepei Zsolt, Pál Emőke, Rácz Endre, Sebők Maja / Varga Hunor-József
Production assistant: Rend Orsolya and Imecs-Magdó Levente
Lights: Sipos Júlia

Premiere date and venue: October 18th 2018, (Traian 40-42, Cluj-Napoca)

It is said that fish have a memory of only 3 seconds. That means that every three seconds, the world renews for them. They can be surprised by an echo. In comparison, we humans can store millions of memories.

“I stopped. There, in front of the door. In the shadow. Just for one minute, which lasted seven years. I had goosebumps. I got filled with scales. Only the sounds are humming in my head. One at a time. At least it is something that fragments this permanence.”

The show was sponsored by AFCN, NKA, BGA and EMMI.

Photos by Bethlendi Tamás, Orbán Eszter.