Dragon Works

A Váróterem Projekt and Puck Puppet Theater coproduciton.


SÁRA, the oldest daughter of the king of Wonderland – Sebők Maja
GITTA, middle daughter of the king of wonderland – Udvari Kardos Tímea
ANNABELLA, the youngest daughter of the king of wonderland – Pál Emőke
YUMMY MUMMY, wife of Bite Knight – László Réka

Figures: Kürti Andrea
Costumes: Kupás Anna
Playwright/Music: Bertóti Johanna
Director: Imecs-Magdó Levente

Premiere date: 30 October 2017, 6 pm
Premiere venue: ZUG.zone, Traian 40-42


The three daughters of the king of Wonderland wake up in a dark room in an unknown place. Someone must have given them a dense sleeping breeze, and – hold on – kidnapped them. They will soon discover that they are held captive together with Yummy Mummy who is confident that his knight will soon save her from captivity. The girls try with all their power, knowledge and intuition to find the key to salvation.

The performance is based on the tales sent by 3rd–7th graders for the tale writing contest.

For children seven year and over.

The performance wasn’t sponsored by the Cluj-Napoca City Council.

Photos by Bethlendi Tamás.