Do you Know the Milky Way?

By: Karl Wittlinger
Directed by: Levente Imecs-Magdó and Andrej Visky
Set Designer: Balázs Makkai
Costume Cesigner: Andrea Kürti
Requisite Designer: Márta Adorjáni
Projection: Visky Sámuel
Lights and Sound: Tamás Imecs, Othniel Visky
Doctor –Levente Imecs-Magdó
Man –Andrej Visky
Corpse Washer 1 –Zsolt Csepei
Corpse Washer 2 –Nándor Vetési

First run: April 23, 2010, at the Paintbrush Factory
Language: Hungarian, with Romanian subtitles

Breaking News: Helmut Neuross, renowned neurologist(Imecs Levente) and his patient Johannes Schwarz (Visky Andrej) have committed suicide by jumping out of the widow (of the Neurological Institute)….. snitt. The next scene is set in a morgue where two corpses come to life and realise that they are latched there together and are forced to see and participate in a play that had been inspired by the life of one of them. Lost is space and time they are desperately seeking the answers to the following questions: What happened to them? Why can’t they die?
The stories they see in the play are the only points of reference – they have no choice but to except the roles. The surreal (probably even crueller than the real) roles of these two dead actors are the following: Johannes Schwarz relives or replays his life and Helmut Neuross is forced to assist. The plot of the play features several settings and stories: the role-play of the dead,the scene that presents the work of the corpse washers as they prepare the bodies (Csepei Zsolt és Vetési Nándor) and the videos left behind by the two deceased – a frame story: a play within a play. When will the funeral take place?

Festival participations:
October 3, 2011: Colloquium of Minority Theaters, 9th edition – Gheorgheni
September 29, 2010: Muza Fest 2010 Art Festival – Zalău
June 22, 2010: Festival of Hungarian Theaters at Kisvárda, 22nd edition

Photos by Angyalosi Beáta: 1-6, 8-11; Gálffy Csanád: 7; Márton Szilárd: 12.