Bánk bán? Present!

By: József Katona
Directed by: Andrej Visky
Playreader: Johanna Bertóti
Costume Designer: Andrea Kürti
Assistant Costume Designer: Anita Kürti
Gertrudis – Maja Sebők
Bánk bán – Zsolt Csepei
Melinda – Tímea Udvari/ Emőke Pál (former cast: Zsuzsanna Vass, Emese Simó, Margit Molnár)
Ottó – Levente Imecs-Magdó
Biberach – Endre Rácz/ Wilhelm Buchmann (former cast: Bence Molnár, Tekla Ravasz)
II. Endre – Endre Rácz (former cast: Nándor Vetési)
Petur bán – Levente Imecs-Magdó (former cast: Nándor Vetési)

First run: April 5, 2012, at Apáczai Csere János High School
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: Hungarian

Bánk bán? Present! is a play that addresses high school students. This rather untraditional performance reshapes a compulsory reading of the high-school curriculum: Katona József’s Bánk Bán.
Our school-room performance is not meant to invite the students to our own show rooms but to watch the play in their own learning environment, i.e. to be invited to their own classroom. While knocking on the doors of all the schools we are trying to spread the play in as many schools as possible. Our focus is expanding it to outside Kolozsvár as well paying special attention to the regions where the access to culture is rather limited.
What are the aspects of texts, our national tragedy that could be transferred to a present day interpretation? What do we still have in common with it other than the fact that it is a compulsory part of the Hungarian literature curriculum? How can we approach a text written in the 19th century that recounts a story from the 13th century? These were the issues we focused on when deciding to elaborate and reshape this tragedy.

Festival participations:
March 23, 2018: HolnapUtán Festival – Oradea
June 2-8, 2014.: Lurkó Festival – Miercurea Ciuc
November 16, 2013: KISZT – Cluj-Napoca
September 27 – October 6, 2013: Colloquium of Minority Theaters, 10th edition – Gheorgheni
August 1-4, 2013: Köz-ép-pont Meeting – Sfântu Gheorghe