The propaganda performance of the VTP

Written by: Bálint Botos and the WRP Theatre Group
Directed by: Bálint Botos
Playreaders: Johanna Bertóti and Ferencz Csuszner
Choreographer: Ferenc Sinkó
Music and Sound Assistant: Krisztina Sipos
Lights, Music: Tamás Imecs
Featuring: Zsolt Csepei, Levente Imecs-Magdó, Bence Molnár, Maya Sebők, Emese Simó, Tímea Udvari, Nándor Vetési

First run: October 24, 2013, at Váróterem
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
Language: Hungarian, with Romanian and English subtitles

The Advertego is the Váróterem Projekt’s first propaganda play, in other words –theatrical service.
What do we promise our audience?
We promise that the performance will be held on the premises, as established in advance.
We promise that the gate and the door will be open.
We promise that the actors will be present.
We promise to provide chairs for the audience for the entire duration of the performance.
We promise that the performance room will not be too worm.
We promise that it will not be unbearably cold.
We promise to allow the audience to leave the room as the performance reaches its end.
And we promise that further promises will be made throughout the performance.
It does sound alluring, doesn’t it? Do not hesitate then! Make a reservation for the next performance of Advertego at: e-mail.

Versatility of the theatrical conventions – National Festival of Independent Theaters (FNTi) – Bucharest, 2014

Festival participations:

January 22, 2016: Vendégváró Festival, Bethlen Téri Theater – Budapest
December 14, 2014: The Year of PLAY – Sfântu Gheorghe
November 16, 2014: Temps D’Image, Independent platform – Cluj-Napoca
November 9, 2014: National Festival of Independent Theaters (FNTi) – Bucharest
October 5, 2014: Linia de producţie – Cluj-Napoca
July 21, 2014: THEALTER – Szeged (Hungary)

Photos by Bíró Márton: 1-4, 7-9; Imecs Zoltán: 5-6, 10-12.