The Wave

Text: Imecs-Magdó Levente and Visky Andrej, based on the movie with the same title
Directed by: Imecs-Magdó Levente și Visky Andrej
Costumes: Bocskai Gyopár
Music: Visky Péter
Video: Bethlendi Tamás
Sound and light: Sipos Júlia
Poster: Benedek Levente


DÉGI KRISTÓF, teacher: Imecs-Magdó Levente
NAGY ÁGOTA, teacher: Erdei Emese
KÖBLÉNYI ÁRPÁD, teacher, DADS, HAVER, dealer: Mostis Gergő
SZALAI JUDIT, headmistress, MOMS: Kicsid Gizella
KARINA: Benkő Boróka/ Szilágyi Gabriella
MÁRK: Román János
GUSZTI: Mostis Balázs/ Balázs Joshua
LIZA: Horváth Anikó/ Gál Alexandra
ANDI: Brenzovics Eli
BENDZSI: Péntek Balázs
ADÉL: Sarkadi Antónia
LOTTI: Görög-Czintos Orsolya
KURUC: Szekeres Alpár
SÁRA: Czakó Réka
ORSI: Ajtay Dorka
HAJNI: Török Júlia


“Next week is project week! Mathematics, IT, foreign languages and literature lessons will be held according to the timetable, but instead of the other subjects, both the teacher and the student will focus on the theme of the project week. The purpose of the project week is to enable students to learn about different forms of government, political structures and ideologies through non-conventional teaching methods, with the expected outcome of becoming informed, active and socially responsible citizens. Next week’s themes are democracy, anarchy and autocracy. Active and constructive participation is expected!”

The show is the first experiment of the Váróterem Projekt to create a theatrical production with a contentious value through the collaboration of professional actors and amateur students. The story of a high school class, which is unfortunately more relevant than ever, is the result of the Váróterem Theater Workshop, which employs high school students.


The show was supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Innovation, within the National Talent Program, under the auspices of the Human Resources Support Agency. Other sponsors: the National Cultural Fund (NKA) and the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council.