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New Váróterem Projekt Premiere – Alcestis

On Friday, 27 May, the independent theatre company Váróterem Projekt will have the premiere of their new show, entitled Alcestis, based on Euripides’ drama. At first glance this choice may seem unusual, as Váróterem Projekt rarely uses classical texts, but the team’s artists have long had a desire to work on a similar project. In terms of the method, however, we did not deviate so much from our previous works: the text was treated freely, as a raw material, and the rehearsal process was guided by joint research and active analysis rather than by a well-defined concept. The text contains traces of Euripides: based on Ted Hughes’ adaptation  and Anne Carson’s translation, the poet Benjámin Horváth Előd from Cluj-Napoca created his own version for the company, which was edited into its final form during rehearsals by director Andrej Visky and dramaturg Johanna Bertóti.