A Váróterem Projekt honlapja

Váróterem Projekt at the Theatre Olympics

In response to the invitation of the Bethlen Square Theatre in Budapest, the Váróterem Projekt will also participate in the Theatre Olympics, with no less than four performances in the capital. Of course, the programme of our guest performances will include classroom and educational theatre productions, which are a very important part of our repertoire. In addition, we will bring to Budapest the studio performances that we have created in our new headquarters, ZIZ – art and social area.

On Thursday, 11th May, we will be showing Bánk bán? Present!, presented twice in a classroom at the Hungarian-English Bilingual Elementary and Secondary School of Arts in Erzsébetváros. These will be the 238th and 239th performances of the production, which has been on the programme for 11 years and is an adaptation of József Katona’s classic. Andrei Visky will be seen in the roles of Biberach and King Endre II.

On Friday, 12th May, we will visit the elementary classes of the Csoma Sándor Kőrösi Bilingual Primary School with our educational theatre production entitled Charlie, the Crow. The interactive production, based on the script by Johanna Bertóti, talks about acceptance, expectations and conformity in a playful way.

On  the 12th and 13ht May, Friday and Saturday, we will return to the Bethlen Square Theatre: as part of the Vendégváró Plus festival, we will first perform Alcestis on Friday at 19:00 and then Sixth Day on Saturday, also at 19:00. The first performance is our company’s first encounter with an ancient Greek text: we started from Ted Hughes’ transcription of Euripides’ classic, for which Benji Horváth wrote his own version. The second performance is the team’s first non-verbal, movement theatre experiment, which explores the story of the creation and fall of man. The production is also the directorial debut of Hunor-József Varga.

Our collaboration with the Bethlen Square Theatre has a rich history: we first visited the theatre in 2016, during the Vendégváró Festival, where we presented our productions Advertego, Zero and paraFabulas. This was followed in 2017 by Occupy Yourself, Tuesday and Qkac at Cluj Week. We have also been hosted at Bethlen during our own tours: in 2018 we performed Reacting Chernobyl and in 2019 Liget. So we are confident that our performances will again be well received. All are welcome!